Find Work

Get access to a variety of job opportunities and open shifts & tasks in industries such as retail, healthcare, logistics, and home services

Earn More

Supplement your income with new opportunities and unlock higher wages by building a performance history

Flex More

Work on your own schedule and mix and match shifts across employers based on your convenience & availability

How Does It Work?

  • Discover & Apply for Open Shifts

    Match with nearby shifts based on your credentials, availability, and preferences that you can accept or decline with a simple swipe

  • Easily stack shifts and manage a schedule across employers

    Create a continuous schedule that works for you by mixing and matching shifts from all of your employers and fill last-minute needs based on your availability

  • Build a Performance History

    Carry your performance history across multiple employers and get rewarded for your performance by unlocking higher wages. You work hard - every day should count for the future!


Ryan 500+ shifts

Thanks to Shiftsmart, I've been able to find many new opportunities to help supplement my income. The convenience of applying to multiple platforms makes finding the perfect fit easy. After getting the jobs, they've been helpful with tips and tricks and even helped me get my wife setup with additional work

Julian 300+ shifts

As an Entrepreneur myself, it's great to work with the motivated and honest team at Shiftsmart. They are responsive and helpful. Whether it's finding me jobs and gigs or answering questions on the weekend, they're supportive.

Elaine 100+ shifts

Shiftsmart is a great company. The team is fun and easy to communicate with. They bring jobs to me, help me through onboarding seamlessly and provide all the support I could want after being successfully matched to jobs!

Michael 50+ shifts

Shiftsmart listens to my questions and provides support unlike the other companies I work with. After meeting them in person at a Shiftsmart hosted lunch and seeing what they can offer, I was excited to provide them all my company details so they could track my earnings and ratings across jobs!